It's been a quiet few months, we hope you've found some time to reflect on the simple joys of travelling. We did. We also thought about how we can travel better.

Remember the good old days of travelling?

We'd conquer the world with just a well-worn guidebook that we picked out from a local cafe. Pages with delightful finds were dog-eared, paragraphs conveniently 
 The best travel tips were scribbled on the edges lovingly by fellow travellers. Maps clearly marked, secret finds 

Ah, times have changed..

The best ideas are no longer in a single guide book. They exist 
 on the web, on social media, travel sites, YouTube, Google Maps. We try, but often struggle to keep ideas organised in note-taking, spreadsheet, powerpoint apps.

What if we can collectively recreate the old magic, one personalized guidebook at a time.

Let’s help you organise the 
 you find all around the web. Let's add maps with marks & circles wherever places are mentioned. When you’re done conquering the world, reminisce by sharing your personal stories and photos.
Together, we'll write an epic travel guidebook worthy of our wondrous planet. We'll fill it with thoughtful scribbles, secret tips, map markings, delightful stories, photos and 

How does that sound, fellow traveller? Are you ready for your next adventure?

We know you're ready

We can't wait to help you plan your next trip, or share your past adventures with friends.
our beta program
, we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Together, let's make travel planning as delightful as travelling itself!

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